About me

Several years of experience developing apps using java. Currently working as a technical specialist at Solusi Integrasi Utama.

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After graduating in 2011 from 56 vocational school in Multimedia and Design(Best student of the year), I spent two years working as graphic designer as part of a marketing team in a multifunction machine distributor company in Jakarta. When i see my coworker(application developer) working with this programming thing and see its very chalenging. So i took bachelor degree in information technology at Budi Luhur university and switch my career as java developer.

Now im currently working as technical specialist for an IBM smart city software called Intelligence Operation Center (IOC) (Ceritified). My job is to build, present, train and maintain solution from the IBM IOC to match the customer needs. IOC has been used in Jakarta, Bandung, Pekanbaru and other city in indonesia as their main platform of smart city solution. I build custom apps to achieve what my customer realy needs using java technology on mobile and web platform.

I believe that programming shoudn't be monochromatic, i believe that programming can be colorful by puting my design ability on every project i've worked on.