HR and Payroll System (HAPIS)

HAPIS is a modular system which comprises of Payroll Module and Human Resources Module.

HAPIS is a web based application, written in the Java language and makes use of the PostgreSql database. Our choice of the Java language and PostgreSql database means that you are free to choose your platform, whether it is any version of Windows or Linux.The fact that we have chosen and embraced open-source development tools and platforms means you will be discharged from engagement with third parties.

The program includes payroll modules such as : Flexible Earnings Types, Flexible Payroll Deductions, Employee Loan, Salary slip format generator, Multiple Earnings Distribution, Type of Income tax Calculation, Direct Deposit.

And human resources modules : Personal data, Medical, Absenteeism / Leave, SECURITY MODULE, Employee Self Service, Training program, and Facility.